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Friday, 1 May 2015


Chilly Lilley Super Food Bliss Balls!

I have some pretty big news today!  Three exciting things to share, in fact!

1) First Thing......My Superfood Bliss Balls are now for sale at the Urban Grocer in Lethbridge.   Check them out here.  Pick up your very own 6-pack for $10 today!

2) Second thing...
I was feeling a bit like I had been living under a rock... and had been avoiding doing this certain things for the past few years, but today I am embracing it!

I feel like today is the day.

It's the right moment... to....

join Instagram.  It's true...

So I did it.

I joined Instagram!

Click below on this cute little button to find and follow "chillylilleygoddessfood" on Instagram!


3) Ok, the third exciting thing:
I also started up a brand new Facebook page for "Chilly Lilley: Goddess Food and Skincare!" Having a business page was much easier to communicate with people, than having "Chilly Lilley" looking like a person page.

So....Please Click HERE to follow Chilly Lilley: Goddess Food & Skincare on Facebook!

See you on Instagram & Facebook for inspirational recipes, pictures and posts for
Chilly Lilley: Goddess Food and Skincare!

Have a delicious weekend...


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