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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hello all!

It's been a while since I've written on my blog.  I had an absolutely amazing time in Australia, on my teaching exchange.  I learned so much about teaching, but most importantly about the world, about Australia, about myself, and about my place in it!  I would love to visit Australia again soon to visit all the friends I made while I was away.  It is hard to believe it has been a year since I have been back in Canada.  Time has seriously flown by so fast!

I've been meaning to hop on this blog thing to see if it works.  I actually totally forgot all about it!  Anyways, here I am, saying hello to you again.  So….hellooooooo:)   Are you out there?

My plan is to start using my blog more often.  I want to start adding recipes, links, and other fun bits of information that I come across.  Most things will refer to health and wellness, but other topics might include teaching (I am a grade three teacher!), hula hooping, salsa dancing, making superfood icings, making healing and medicinal teas and elixirs, singing funny songs, reading good books, and creating amazing and edible lip gloss (which I am quite obsessed about lately!), crafting body butters and natural skincare products, and about eating all sorts of delicious things. I looooooove food - both eating it and wearing it - especially on my face as part of a face mask!

Here's me at the Urban Grocer with my latest shipment of Chilly Lilley Bliss Balls.  Cheryl is the owner of the store, and she has been kind enough to feature them in her store and sell them for me.  When I went in today I saw that they are almost out, so it is almost time to make more very soon!

The Urban Grocer is having an open house on Thursday, December 5th, of which I will be a part of. I will be making some gift pack sample sizes of my beauty care products and food products, for people to purchase as Christmas gifts!  Hope to see you there.  I will have gift certificates available for my upcoming classes.

Ok….I'm feeling much more productive now that I have reconnected with my blog.  Yay!
See you again soon…I'll let you know how Thursday night went!

Robyn xo

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